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Low libido?

Chemicals and herbs common in household products results in low sex drive in women. These chemicals and herbs mimic estrogen and are collectively known as xenoestrogens or “foreign estrogens.”  They mimic estrogen badly.  They fit into the estrogen receptor but do not quite give the same response as your own natural estradiol that your body makes.  Xenoestrogens frequently yields low libido.

For Women, Taking Topical Progesterone and Avoiding Xenoestrogens boosts sex drive naturally.

There are two natural hormones that increase libido. Testosterone and Natural Progesterone both boosts libido.  Testosterone is well known to cause an increased sexual desire in both men and women.  Using testosterone in excess of physiologic amounts in women is a bad thing as it may cause sagging breasts.  Most physicians do not know that progesterone also boosts sex drive.  I don’t like to use testosterone to increase libido in women because of the masculinizing effects of testosterone as well as sometimes increasing acne, if the testosterone is over done. 

Progesterone is safe to use to increase sexual desire.   Progesterone goes up from 20 mg/day during the latter half of a menstrual cycle to 400 mg/day during one day of third trimester pregnancy.  Many women find that their sex drive goes through the roof during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. 


This is because of increased production of progesterone during the second and third trimesters.  Certainly, many other effects such as nausea, tiredness, and weight gain counter the effects of increased libido, but for most women sexual desire, libido, is high during pregnancy especially during the second and third trimesters.  This is due to increased progesterone.

The solution to increasing your libido is to cut out these xenoestrogens and take Natural Progesterone.  You can get a list of xenoestrogens and buy the progesterone here at

Even my [sex] drive is beginning to return... .

I continue to improve daily.... I also forgot to tell you that before I started taking the Progestelle, I had night sweats, did not have many problems during the day. Nor did I get them if I feel asleep on the couch. The night sweats were occurring more and more..... until I washed my sheets and blankets in Nature Clean Laundry Powder. I no longer have night sweats.... none...

I want to post your website all over the place. I am very happy with Progestelle. Its so good to be off all HRT, anxiety meds and sleeping better..even my [sex] drive is beginning to return. I have been telling everyone about your product and your website.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Anne B.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

January 19, 2011

Here are some symptoms that may or may not accompany a low sex drive from xenoestrogens.

  1. Increased bloating and weight gain before your period

  2. Breast tenderness before your period

  3. Irritability and mood swings at same time in your cycle

  4. Chocolate craving before your period (chocolate is high in magnesium) means you are deficient in magnesium

  5. Sugar craving that goes with your cycle

  6. Thinning hair loss

  7. Weight gain despite dieting and exercise

  8. Normal to Low Thyroid hormones blood test

  9. In severe cases, burning sensation or “creepy crawling” feeling on legs (Vit. B deficiency)

  10. Accompanying diseases include fibrocystic breast disease, ovarian cysts, fibroids, pms, pmdd, endometriosis, adenomyosis, menstrual migraine headaches, restless leg syndrome

  11. In moderate cases, muscle tightening (magnesium deficiency) with:

        1. Charlie horse” leg cramps

        2. Cold hands and feet (arteries constrict from low magnesium)

        3. Constipation (intestines tense up from low magnesium)

        4. Menstrual Cramping (uterus tenses up from low magnesium)   

I feel great!!


Yes, feel free to use my testimony. I feel great. I am only I may be coming back around to chat with you....who knows.

Before I used progestelle, I was highly estrogenic, had uterine fibroids, hot flashes, heart palpitations - the whole gambit of hormonal anguish. Now, after a few years of Progestelle, I feel great! My bone density scores have always been high and continue to be so.  My skin is supple and my sex life is great.

I have no qualms.

Thank you!

Liz K.

July 15, 2010

Bethel, Vermont

So where are these xenosestrogens coming from?

Anything put on the skin is 10 times the oral dose in potency.  Personally, I like organic food.  But for these diseases, what you put on the skin is more important than what you eat.  I am not saying to disregard what you eat, but that anything put on the skin is 10 times the oral dose in potency.  So your attention should be what you put on the skin rather than what you eat.

Anything you eat is 90% prefiltered by the liver.  But anything you put on the skin goes directly into the body.  Thus, anything put on the skin is 10 times in potency compared to what you eat.

So you must be extremely careful of laundry detergent, soaps, shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste and cosmetics.  Over the past 12 years of years of practicing medicine and 18,000 patients, I have found patients to be exquisitely sensitive to small amounts of cosmetics and laundry detergent.  One woman told me that her mascara made her bloat.  I thought she was crazy.  Then later that week a second woman called me and told me her mascara made her bloat.  Several months later, a third unrelated woman claimed that mascara made her bloat.  I listened.

One woman complained that progesterone did not work.  I took an hour and went through all her products.  I said, “I think it is your laundry detergent.”  She answered, “It is a good laundry detergent, its from the health food store.”  A year later she called again and “It doesn’t work.”  I said, “I think it is your laundry detergent.”  She answered again, “It’s a good laundry detergent.”  Two years later, she complained, “I take your progesterone, and I get more bloating and breast tenderness.”  I answer, “I think it is your laundry detergent.”  Finally, after 2 1/2 years, she changes her laundry detergent to one of the ones I recommend and all her breast tenderness and bloating goes away in a month.

Most of the toiletry products that are sold in the department store or even the health food store contain chemicals or herbs that mimic estrogen imperfectly and cause a low sex drive.  Even though you love your husband, you have low libido.  This is because these products are  going into your estrogen receptors instead of your own natural estrogen.

I have found that since anything put on the skin is 10 times the oral dose.  Cosmetics and toiletries, and laundry detergent is the most important thing to change to boost sexual desire.  Diet is important, but secondary in affecting sexual desire.

Natural Progesterone is the same hormone that your body makes.  It can balance out small amounts of xenoestrogens.  However, if you have a large amount of xenoestrogens, then Natural Progesterone may make you temporarily worse.

This is because large amounts of xenoestrogens make your estrogen receptor “sleepy”.  Taking progesterone cream wakes up your estrogen receptors and it seems that you are getting more estrogen even though you are not.  So, you temporarily get worse because the estrogen receptors have “woken up.”

The solution is to get rid of the xenoestrogens and then take progesterone.

I had one lady in North or South Dakota.  I can’t really remember which one it was.  She had PMS.  She asked me what to do.  I told her avoid xenoestrogens and take Natural progesterone, and in a couple of months you won’t need the progesterone any more, you’ll just be fine.  So she did so, and she was fine in several months.  She no longer took progesterone.  She called me again and asked me about her daughter.  “My daughter has PMS.  What do I do?”, she said.  I told her to do the same thing.  Take progesterone and avoid xenoestrogens.  In several months, she’ll be fine.

She called back, and said, “It’s not working.”  I answered, “Your daughter still has a xenoestrogen in her environment.”  We went back and forth by email for 6 months.  She kept on telling me that it wasn’t working.  She said that she was using high quality natural products from the health food store.  And I kept on telling her there was a xeno in her environment.  Finally, after 6 months, the mother examined very carefully all her daughter’s toiletries.  She found lemon grass oil in her deodorant.  Her daughter stopped the deodorant and the PMS disappeared.  Both the mother and her daughter no longer take progesterone to stay healthy.  they are healthy naturally.

You could be 90% clean and just one product could be hosing you!

She went for her mamo this Monday past and the 'cyst' is gone!

Hi Peter,

My girlfriend has been using the progesterone for 2-3 months now along with the appropriate vitamins to combat a 'cyst' in one of her breasts. She has 'dense' breasts as well. She went for her mamo this Monday past and the 'cyst' is gone, they said come back in a year! Would the progesterone work that fast? (I hope so!) Would she be able to expect the dense breasts to return to normal with extended use as well?

Also, didn't you write/say that the progesterone would also boost a woman's libido? Her's has certainly gone up!

Thanks again - Jay H.

Mar. 15, 2010

Rocklin, California

Spiritual and Emotional Roots Too

Some people have allergies and chemical sensitivity that makes the retention of xenosetrogens worse.  Fear / Stress / Anxiety will increase histamine and interleukin-6.  This increased histamine makes allergies worse and causes you to retain and not excrete as easily xenoestrogens.

There are three questions that I use to confirm fear / stress / anxiety:

  1. Do you have a hypersensitivity to smell? or loss of smell?

  2. Are you more sensitive to drugs than your friends?  If you drank a cup of coffee, would it keep you up all night?

  3. Put your feet together, close your eyes, stand on your tip toes.  Do you wobble?  This is a Romburg test.

If you are more sensitive to drugs than your friends, what you are telling me is that you cannot excrete drugs.  Thus, when you put some estrogenic chemical or herb on your body, you will have difficulty excreting  it.  These estrogenic chemicals and herbs will lead to low libido.

What Scientists and other Smart People are Saying

THE NITTY GRITTY: For many years, the Endocrine Disruption Exchange group reviewed thousands of published scientific papers to compile a list of 1,300 probable hormone-disrupting chemicals. The criteria to make the list is at least one scientific study showing the chemical had hormone disruption effects. However, Carol Kwiatkowski, PhD, executive director, senior research associate says many chemicals have multiple studies indicating hormone disruption. She claims that the present list is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. "We had to stop somewhere so we could share this list, but we're already working on adding more chemicals," Kwiatkowski says.

These chemicals fit into the estrogen receptor stimulate it aberrantly leading to low libido.

WHAT IT MEANS: The list contains many types of chemicals, even the notorious BPA.   However, a certain chemical is common: Pesticides. Weed-, bug-, and fungi-killing chemicals used in homes, gardens, and farm fields were ubiquitous. "There are 269 pesticides on the list, and there are going to be many more," Kwiatkowski notes. Glyphosate, the chemical name for the common agricultural and residential weedkiller Roundup, is villain, as is 2, 4-D, a compound Monsanto, the creator of herbicides and genetically engineered seeds, plans to use it for their next generation of GMO seeds.

Benzene, an air pollutant, associated with cancer and breathing problems, is a recognized hormone disruptor. The natural gas drilling industry is being critiqued being fingered by studies showing humongous public health threats. In 2011, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange accused 43 percent of the chemicals used in natural gas drilling are endocrine disruptors.

Hormone-disrupting chemicals, which can affect the endocrine glands—pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, thymus, pancreas, ovaries, and testes—can lead to problems with immune systems, bone health, and brain and heart development, too. "We were surprised at the range of effects related to the endocrine system," Kwiatkowski says.

It is not surprising that low sexual desire may be caused by these endocrine disrupters.

Evidence condemning chemicals we encounter every day, from products like scented candles and cleaners, is causing the remaining 70 percent is coming to light.

Inhaled fragrances natural and synthetic are usually hormone disruptive.  They go into the lungs and go straight into the body and cause low libido.

The Cancer-Cleaner Link

Published in Environmental Health, researchers from the Silent Spring Institute, a Boston-based nonprofit, took a closer examination at the connection between breast cancer and the household cleaning products we use every day. The group's scientists used data from a long-running study of women residing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in 1988 and 1995. 787 women were diagnosed with breast cancer and 721 women were not. The women were asked standard lifestyle questions on there family history of breast cancer, diet, exercise, and socioeconomic status.  The women also included information on the use of several classes of cleaning products, including solid and spray air fresheners, surface cleaners, oven cleaners, and mold and mildew products.

>> 1,300+ Chemicals Are Monkeying with Your Hormones

Women using the highest amounts of all cleaning products compared to women using the lowest amounts had twice the rate of breast cancer. Women using air fresheners and mold/mildew products had a higher risk of having breast cancer. Solid air fresheners and mold cleaners containing bleach were even worse. Surface and oven cleaners did not seem to increase breast cancer risk.

Not only do these cleaning products cause cancer but they also lead to low sexual desire.  Air refresheners would also make for low libido.

Cancers Causers: Everywhere, but Easily Avoided

Chemicals used in cleaning products, many are untested for safety, need more scrutiny, says Julia Brody, PhD, director of the Silent Spring Institute. "This is the very first look at the link between these chemicals and breast cancer in humans," she exclaims. Women were asked if they believed that chemicals could contribute to cancer. The breast cancer group of women thought chemicals contribute "a lot" to cancer also reported some of the highest levels of cleaning-product use.

The researchers chose to look at cleaning products initially because strong laboratory evidence showed that many endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs) used in cleaning products mimic estrogen cause breast cancer cells to proliferate. "We're interested in the chemicals that mimic estrogen because estrogen is a known breast cancer risk factor," Brody says. Air fresheners have many EDCs, including synthetic musks and phthalates. Mold and mildew cleaners contain EDCs such as triclosan (the primary ingredient in antibacterial cleaning products), phthalates, and petroleum-based surfactants (which help cleaners penetrate grime).

It is simple to avoid these products. "With cleaning products, it’s easy to use soap, water, baking soda, and vinegar. Choose fragrance-free products as well," she says. "It's very important for people to become involved in advocating for safer cleaning products," believes Brody.


Low sex drive in women can be cured Naturally!  Low libido is caused by xenoestrogens. 

For women, Taking progesterone and avoiding xenoestrogens gives libido a boost.

Estrogenic Chemicals and Estrogenic Natural Herbs Mimic Estrogen Badly  & Gives Low Sex Drive

Sex Drive High in Second and Third Trimesters Because Progesterone is High!

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